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Sustainable Products

We systematically assess the sustainability of our portfolio and consider sustainability criteria in the development of products and applications. We build long-term relationships with our customers, driving innovation together and helping them make their business sustainable.
More information Scopeblue Lewatit keyvisual - Lewatit in test tube on which a plant is growing

Scopeblue® - our "Sustainability Stars"
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Enabling sustainability - our products
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Digitization meets sustainability: The LANXESS Product Carbon Footprint Engine
More information Planet Earth with detailed relief and atmosphere. Day and Night. Pacific Ocean. Japan, China. 3D rendering.

How our solutions help achieve the SDGs
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The LANXESS Product Sustainability Monitor


Behind the Scenes of  Virtual Days 2022

How Finances and Sustainability are linked

June 09, 2023
Power plant using renewable solar energy with sun

LANXESS celebrates World Environment Day

June 05, 2023
The view from the stratosphere that has been captured by the stratosphere ballon that the physics class of the Werner-Heisenberg-Highschool has build.

Heisenbär's Journey Towards Outer Space

May 30, 2023